Welcome to Auto Repair, Smog, & Oil Changers

Auto Repair, Smog, & Oil Changers  is a family owned and operated Smog Check, Repair Shop and Oil Changer in San Francisco, CA since 2001.

Brakes Done Right
We inspect your brakes for free and we’ll never sell you a packaged brake job. We only fix what you need fixed on a part by part basis so you don’t pay for anything that’s not right for you or your vehicle.

Some of our services includes and limited to:

– Brakes & Rotors Inspection & Repair

– Smog Check

– Auto Repair

– Oil Change

As a smog check and Repair station, we reduce green house emissions daily. 

Every day, the Smog Check program helps California remove an extra 100 tons (yes, that’s 100 tons!) of smog-forming emissions from the air. This helps protect our kids from different kinds of respiratory illnesses and helps save Mother Earth.

Please save our children and Mother Earth!

We, Auto Smog And Oil Changers, promise to do our duty as a Test & Repair Smog Station, as delegated by the Bureau of Automotive Repair and the California Air Resource Board.

To make an appointment, call us today at (415) 920-9785.